Why an Elephant

Why an elephant?

Who doesn’t love an elephant? These wonderful, unique-looking animals with their characteristic trunks; large, floppy ears and wide, thick legs, are popular across cultures and there is no other animal with a similar physique. They say an elephant never forgets and we want to make sure after visiting Worcester’s Big Parade, you never forget a Worcester elephant or, importantly, how elephants continue to be endangered.

We have chosen the Asian elephant as our sculpture to highlight they are an endangered species and to raise awareness that the biggest threat to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached for their tusks.
At Worcester’s Big Parade HQ, we believe only elephants need elephant tusks!

Scientists have proven elephants have incredible memories and one of the collective names for elephants is a ‘memory’.
Here at St Richard’s we celebrate the lives and memories of people in our community in many and varied ways. Worcester’s Big Parade will be another wonderful opportunity to celebrate the lives of loved ones we hold in our memories and make new ones for the future. Another popular collective name for elephants is a ‘parade’. This is the inspiration for the name of our next trail, so why not join us on our exciting parade towards the summer of 2021?

Worcesters Big Parade

Worcesters Big Parade