Special VIP guests welcomed to Farewell Event

A family stand together on the pitch of Worcestershire County Cricket Club with a giant, painted elephant sculpture.
We welcomed some very special, VIP guests to the Farewell Event on Friday, October 8, including seven-year-old Lola (third from left).

Lola’s neighbour, Hilary (far left), contacted us to say Lola was sad to have lost all her carefully written notes about Worcester’s Big Parade somewhere in the city and could we do anything to help.

Whilst we sadly couldn’t locate the original notebook we could, of course, provide a new one and ensure Lola, and best friend Ferne, had a very special audience with our happy herd as our guests.

One of the key aims of the parade was to help create lasting memories and we hope yesterday stays with Lola and her friends and family for some time to come!

Worcesters Big Parade

Worcesters Big Parade