Call for Sponsors

Worcesters Big Parade

A trunk full of opportunities!

As we march towards our elephant parade in the summer of 2021, there will be a trunk full of opportunities for the community to get involved.

We invite your business, employees, customers and visitors to join us for the second mass-participation public art event to take place in the county. Worcester’s Big Parade will be an excellent opportunity for you to raise awareness of your business – while showcasing your support for a well-loved charity over 18 months.

Each elephant sculpture will be beautifully created, demonstrating the wealth of artistic talent on offer in the county and beyond – while positively contributing to the economic, cultural and social life of the area. There is a wide range of sponsorship opportunities on offer. Each level provides a variety of benefits to suit your marketing, public relations and corporate social responsibility objectives.

Let us help get your business messages ‘herd’, drive customers to your door, create partnerships across the city and be part of this exceptional event!

Find out about the different sponsorship options available on our Sponsors page.

Worcesters Big Parade

Worcesters Big Parade